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Instant RAMEN tasting report -even more yummy with toppings!!-

2017-11-26 08:30:02






There are so many types of instant ramen in Ichiba.

We would like to compare the tastes and suggest the best topping for each of them!!

Which one do you like the best??





naruto   kurume tonkotsunaruto

kurume toptopping-kurume

Your appetite will be maximum when you smell the garlic which comes with the cup ramen. The creamy soup matches well with the toppings such as "seasoned boiled eggs" or "kimchi" to add punch on the taste!


The seasoned eggs will get the best taste after soaking in the sauce for 2 nights in fridge :)



naruto shoyu tonkotsunaruto

saba-kan shoyu-tonkotsu-top

The thin noodles in the rich soup with pepper & sesame flavour. The crunchy texture of menma(bamboo shoot) add a kick in it. Surprisingly, "Nissui Saba Mizuni (Cooked Mackerel with Salt)" goes really well with this ramen! It is not fishy at all, and makes the soup more interesting.


naruto takananaruto

takana Untitled-3

Original white tonkotsu soup with actual pickled spicy vege comes in the packet is more than instant quality. If you prefer lighter taste, it would be better to add slightly more hot water to make this ramen. "char siu pork" or "nori(roasted swaweed)" will add perfect tastes on it♪


naruto nagasakinaruto

nagasaki nagasaki-top

The thick chewy noodles are so satisfying. When you have a sip of the soup, the aroma of vegetables & dashi will spread in your mouth.  The best topping is definitely "Nissui Sanma Kaba Yaki (Grilled Saury with Soy Sauce Based Sauce) can"!!


narutohakata tonkotsunaruto


White soup with thin straight noodles, this is the original tonkotsu ramen to enjoy at home! You should enjoy it with the essential toppings such as "red ginger" or "char siu pork". Also "kimchi" or "seasoned eggs" will bring out the flavour of the soup more. The thin noodles cook in 90 sec, and convenient for quick meal♪



kumakoto kumamoto-2

The rich soup with ma-yu(sesame oil with fried garlic) is almost restaurant quality. For this soup, simple toppings such as "menma(bamboo shoot)", "bean shoot" or "nori(roasted seaweed)" matches well!



top torigara-topping

Shoyu(soy sauce based) ramen is usually light, but this has the sharp soy sauce flavour with rich aftertaste.  The thin straight noodles have fresh ramen texture....definitely satisfying.  For the toppings, "char siu pork" goes well of course, and other light toppings such as "wonbok/spinach" or "corn" will be good.