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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Monthly SALE November 2017 -NEW Wagyu Slices 1kg!!-

2017-10-25 15:34:02


Aussies love to party! 

It's getting warm and it's a best time to have a party♪ Your spring and summer party won't be complete without these SALE items below,           (日本語はこちらから)


NEW!  Takumi Slice Wagyu 1kg

$21  → $18

The good balance of marbles in the beef with reasonable price. Please enjoy the taste and texture.

IMG_7740-001 IMG_7744-001

Nippn Takoyaki Mix 1kg


Let's have a Takoyaki octopus ball party♪  1pkt allows you to make 240-300 Takoyaki, easy to make and ideal mix for delicious crunchy Takoyaki.



Higashimaru Men Soup (Concentrate sauce for noodles) 750ml


Mix of bonito flake broth, kelp, and dry fish broth inspired by Kansai(South of main island in Japan) style noodle soup.Also can be used in a variety of dishes.  Stewed dish, pan-fried dish, marinated dish...




Daiwa Sushi Vinegar 20L

Key ingredient for great sushi. Just pour on steamed rice and mix. Bulk value special for the festive season.


$26.20 → $22.90

Blended vinegar perfect for sushi from Osaka. Suggested mix rate to make sushi vinegar;
Sui vinegar 1L: sugar 1kg: salt 170g



Have you ever been disappointed that meat was dry or chewy?   This natural grape powder will help you achive best texture and flavour from your meat. Mix 50g with 1Litre of cold water and marinate the meat between 30mins to 2 hours before cooking.  Can be used with variety of meat (beef, chicken, lamb, duck, octopus, squid, fish fillet).

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