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Perfect for busy days! "Just pour" cooking with Daisho sauces♪

2018-03-08 08:30:40

It is not impossible to make sauces with your seasonings, but if you do not the right ones and the ratio, it can be a trouble even before starting cooking. Especially the sauce of Japanese style Nizakana(Cooked fish in sweet soy sauce) seems simple but it is not easy to balance the sweetness.


These Daisho sauces we are introducing are big helps when you need to cook mains in short time. Try the "always tasty" sauces♪



nizakana-title         nizakana


This is a mixed sauce for fish, but why not with meat?? It has nice "dashi" taste in sweet say sauce, so we tried to make "Gyu-Don" with Beef Rib Strip (Beef Slices) IRIB!  Red ginger add nice colour & punch on it.


Cook sliced onion in "Daisho Nizakana no Tsuyu". Add little bit of water and a dash of soy sauce if you like to adjust the taste.  Add your sliced beef and finish before the meat gets hard. Serve on hot rice!


ahijo-title          ahijo

ahojo 1

Ahijo is a Spanish food has been popular for young Japanese. It is oil cooked seafood & mushrooms. Dip your baguette in the cooked oil to enjoy the flavour. You can enjoy the oil with boiled pasta as well.

2 servings x 2 in 1 packet, it is more than enough for a family. You will understand when you eat, but the mixed seasoning seems like to be made at home, but it is not that plain.

ahijo 2

Just mix the seasoning with your olive oil, and quickly cook your favourite seafood & mushrooms for about 5 minutes. If you have fresh parsley, the colour will be even nicer. This is perfect for dinner inviting people to home, having chilled white wine!


misoni-title         miso-ni


The mild sweet miso taste will be loved by anyone♪ It is nice even when it gets cooler because the sauce will get into the fish more.


We tried the sauce with cod fillets this time. It is recommended on the package to use saba mackerel, but we think any fish with bit of fat will goes well!


kurozu-title             kurozu

IMG20180208194107 kurozu subuta

Literally just pour on your cooked meat or fish and your main is done with perfect taste! The chopped gingers might look strong, but it is not over powering at all. The mild ginger taste & rice black vinegar will match really well your grilled or fried meat or fish lighting the oiliness. The top picture is fried white fish and the bottom one is fried chicken. For both of them, just sprinkle bit of salt on meat/fish and dust flour to deep/shallow fry.

This dish is very convenient when you need to cook a main with a volume quickly, and of course yummy♪