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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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Uonuma KOSHIHIKARI  Rice from Niigata Japan 2kg

$15$12      20%off-red     (Exclude Gold Coast Pick Up Orders)

Uonuma Koshihikari rice is known as the best Koshihikari rice in Japan which has all the best elements of shape, texture, stickiness, taste & aroma.

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Tonyu Matcha Cream Daifuku(Non-Glutinous Rice Cakes with Green Tea Soy Milk Cream & Red Bean Paste) 40gx6p    50%off-red-bigger

$11.15$5.55  (Exclude Gold Coast Pick Up Orders)

Uses matcha green tea powder from Shizuoka prefecture where is one of the most famous areas of green tea production in Japan.
Quality red bean paste & soy milk cream are wrapped with soft daifuku.

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An Donuts (Donuts with Sweet Red Bean Paste) 100gx2p

$1.70$0.85       50%off-red-bigger

The moist donuts with crispy outside & sweet red beans are the taste of Japan. Perfect size for your snack.
This is already pre-cooked, and need to be defrosted before eating.

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Kaneryo Ajitsuke Mozuku Kurozu(Rice Black Vinegar)/

Sanbaizu(Sweet Vinegar Sauce) Reduced Salt 80gx3p

$3.70$2.60       30%off red

Mozuku seaweed is one of traditional healthy Japanese foods.
This uses Mozuku from Okinawa & 100% Japanese rice vinegar for seasoning. The mild sourness with bit of sweetness of the sauce is simple but nice to enjoy the texture of Mozuku.

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Beijyu Rice 20kg


Premium quality Calrose medium grain rice from US is perfect for sushi. The quality is maintained because of the reduced rate of oxidation. Light rinse is required, convenient to cook everyday!

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This soy sauce is naturally brewed in Shodo island in Japan with selected ingredients. The umami & saltiness are balanced, and its premium quality is suitable for all type of cooking.

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This soy sauce is naturally brewed in Shodo island in Japan where is famous for soy sauce since long time ago. This is suitable to make your own sauces such as teriyaki sauce, or yakiniku(Japanese BBQ) sauce. The mild and fresh taste of the say sauce will match with various dishes.

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NEW!  Cling Wrap Heavy Duty Food Film 33cm width 2.2kg


Microwave Safe plastic wrap film comes with a sliding cutter. There are grips on the bottom of the box for easy sliding the wrap film.

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NEW!  Cling Wrap Heavy Duty Food Film 45cm width 3kg


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