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Recipes for Autumn

From basic one to unique one♪ >>>

MONTHLY SPECIAL in April & May 2014

Tasty Japanese Soy Sauce Menus + more! >>>

Agar Agar Powder

What can we make with Agar Agar Powder? >>>

Sweet red bean Milk Pudding !!

Thank you for trying to make sweet red bean milk pudding ♪ >>>

Impotant notice for SA customer

The date change of Daiwa Delivery >>>


Golden and crispy deep fry special! >>>

-Tsukemono (Japanese Pickles)-

Tasty, healthy and easy Japanese traditional taste >>>

One Coin Sale!!!

Ichiba's popular items are now on sales with a new item♪ >>>

❀Girls festival❀

Enjoy with cute sushi! >>>

MONTHLY SPECIAL in February 2014

Gyoza dumplings Special!! Our new product is also on sale♪ >>>