UMAMI 4 star Tuna Saku 301-400g (1)

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  • Images are shown. 1.Place the unopened pack of tuna saku in a bowl of luke warm water for approximately 20-30 minutes. Do not exceed 20 degrees. 2.Do not allow the saku to completely thaw remove the saku from the water when about half thawed this will ensure best presentation. Now remove the tuna saku from the vacuum pouch. 3.Wrap the tuna saku in paper towel 2 or 3 times and leave in the refrigerator or cool room for about 15 min to remove any excess moisture. 4.Cut with a very sharp long knife.Try to cut each piece in a single motion which provides best presentation. ** Use within 2-3 days, Do not re-freeze.

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    • Ingredients : Yellowfin Tuna Odourless Flavourless Smoke
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