Marusho Tezukuri-Tsuyu (Handmade Seasoning Soy Sauce) 700ml

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  • This is a perfect gift for someone special !! Tezukuri-Tsuyu is special handmade seasoning soy sauce made from bonito soup stock, shiitake mushroom, and a generous amount of kombu seaweed soup stock. It is available only in limited quantities, because it is homemade and difficult to make in a large quantity. No need to dilute.

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    • NET : 700ml
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    • Maker : Marushosu Jozomoto
    • Shipping Weight : 1340 g
    • Shipping Volume : 1090 cm3
    • Ingredients : honjozo marudaizu shoyu (whole soy beans soy sauce, including soybean, wheat and salt), hon mirin (Japanese sweet cooking sake), amazake (Japanese sweet, low-alcoholic drink), sugar, Japanese apricot, natural flavors (dried bonito flakes, dried shiitake mushroom, kombu seaweed)
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