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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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New Year Sale 2021

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T4U Aloe Vera Juice 490ml x 12 bottles

$18.00 $12.00

This light and fresh taste of Aloe Vera is definitely a first quencher and gives you great refreshment.

001-280t4u aloe 001-280




T4U Aloe Vera Lychee Juice 490ml x 12 bottles


Juicy & refreshing taste will satisfy your thirst. The texture of aloe vera is fun in your mouth♪
This is a great soft drink by itself, and can be good matching with your other drinks & cocktails as well.






T4U Aloe Vera Mango Juice 490ml x 12 bottles

$18.00 $12.00 

With the Aloe Vera boosted with a punch of mango flavour, this beverage absolutely has everything you want.

001-280t4u mango




UMAMI Green Tea Ice Cream 2L

$13.50 $10.00

Made with high quality Japanese green tea powder.
Rich taste & creamy texture...





UMAMI Black Sesame Ice Cream 2L

$13.80 $10.00

Creamy taste & texture with real black sesame matches perfectly.
A great dessert just by itself, and with soy bean powder or red beans as well...





Daiwa Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea) Ice Cream 2L

$13.50 $10.00

Hojicha is Roasted Green Tea which is dark brown, earthy, nutty nad smoky flavour and good for ice cream ingredient as well as green tea.






Sun Rice Hinata 20kg

$38.00 $34.00

"Hinata" refers to "Place in the sun" in Japanese. The sun is an essential ingredient in our hinata short grain rice, bringing essential life and wormth tot he fields from which we carerully select delicious, sun ripened rice. Hinata short grain rice has the right level of stickiness and moisture to shape sushi. When cooked it has a neutral aroma, a soft, slightly springy bite and a clean flavour, making it ideal for Japanese style cuisine.