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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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*Premium Japanese Rice + Wagyu Premium Harami Yakiniku set

  • $ 71.55
  •  $79.50
  • Wagyu Speciality Restaurant "Wagyu one" Produce!
    HARAMI, right under the rib primal called inside skirt, is one of the most popular part of Wagyu in Japan. This could be the most flavourful, tender

    100% Japanese premium quality blended rice.
    Please enjoy the fine aroma & texture for your everyday rice and sushi.

    Gold Coast Branch (Sold Out)
    Sydney Branch (Sold Out)
    Brisbane Branch (Sold Out)
    Perth Branch (Sold Out)
    • Qty
    • NET : Rice 10kg/ Meat 200g
    • Ingredients : Milled Rice Wagyu Beef (Harami)