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UMAMI : Daiwa Food Home Brand
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new! OGAWA Organic Drip Coffee (10g x 7pcs)

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  • Ogawa Coffee Shop was founded in Kyoto in 1952 as a famous coffee shop specializing in coffee culture, and Caters to customers' demanding needs and diversity.

    Ogawa pursues the authentic flavour of coffee and delivers it with passion. Taking care of the connection with coffee producing countries, coffee appraiser conducts TPA tests to pursue only raw coffee beans meeting the original High Quality Standards that are used as Ogawa coffee, exclusive beans proudly named "ARK-OGAWA".

    To maximize the condition of beans and their individual taste, the coffee beans are roasted separately. Multiple roasts are applied with different depths to the same kind of beans, to draw out the subtle differences and then blended together giving Deep Depth to the original taste and aroma of the beans.
    Deeply Rich flavored coffee delivering Fresh Aroma and Fine Taste. Premium Blend is Rich and Well Balanced. Fine Ground, ready to drip brew.
    You can taste real high quality coffee in your home and office.

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